Name__________________ Period___ Vocabulary Words for this Week: List Eleven

Vocabulary Words for this Week: List Eleven
annex (n.) An attachment to something or an addition.
debacle (n.) An overwhelming defeat; a complete collapse or failure.
devitalize (v.) To make weak or lifeless; to lower the vitality of.
embroil (v.) to involve in a conflict or difficulty; to throw into confusion.
haphazard (adj.) by chance, not planned; lacking in order.
improvise (v.) to compose or perform without preparation; to construct from only the materials
available to you.
incite (v.) to rouse, stir up.
influx (n.) an inflow or coming in of something.
precipitous (adj.) very steep; vertically steep (elevation)
10. profuse (adj.) very abundant; flowing or pouring forward freely.
Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from your vocabulary list:
1. I really was not ready for the speech, so I had to __________________. It still turned
out pretty well.
2. After the mid-1960’s, there was an ___________________ of tourists in Las Vegas.
It was one of the number one tourist attractions in the United States.
3. My uncle is thinking about adding an ____________________ to his house so he will
have a room to put his arcade and pinball machine collection.
4. The Steelers’ Christmas Eve game against the Cleveland Browns was a
______________________. The Steelers won 41-0!
5. Before the Super Bowl this Sunday, Bill Cowher will try to
______________________ his players so they are excited and fired up for the game.
Now, on a separate sheet of lined paper, use all of the vocabulary words
in your own sentences. (Ten sentences total).