List 30: 1. Abbreviate – (v.) 2. Abstinence – (n.)

List 30:
1. Abbreviate – (v.) to shorten; to reduce in length
2. Abstinence – (n.) self-restraint,
the state of being without something by choice.
3. Adulation – (n.) devotion, flattery
4. Adversity – (n.) a condition marked by
misfortune or distress
5. Anachronistic - (adj.) describes something
or someone that does not fit with its correct
historical time
6. Anecdote – (n.) a short account of an incident
or event.
7. Antagonist – (n.) an opponent, an adversary.
8. Censure – (v.) to criticize in a harsh manner.
9. Circuitous – (adj.) roundabout; not direct
10.Clairvoyant – (adj.) having the power of
seeing objects or actions beyond natural vision.
Psychic, telepathic, visionary.