Computer Basics


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Computer Basics

Hardware & Software

Your computer has both hardware and software. (A) _________________ means computer parts you can see and touch. Examples are: (B) _____________________________________________________ (C) ______________________ provides instructions for the computer. There are 2 different types of software: system and application. (D) ____________________ software is the operating system that runs your computer. Our system software is (E) ________________. (F) _________________ software is used for a specific purpose such as creating text documents, worksheets, or graphics. These are examples of application software: (G) _________________________________________________________________

Storage Devices

These are examples of storage devices:

Type How much info does it hold? Largest Can we use the device in this lab? Smallest

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Desktop Identification

The (A) _______________________ appears when the computer is turned on. There are 4 main elements on the desktop: 1. (B) _______________________ picture or color that covers the work area. In room 96 it is the color (C) ____________________. 2. Small graphic symbols called (D) __________________. These are shortcuts to open a program. 3. The (F) ______________________, which displays a button for each open application. 4. The (G) __________________________, which opens the Start menu. H K J I

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Using the computer properly to avoid injury is called (A) _________________________. When you sit at the computer you should ask yourself: 1. Are my ________________ flat on the floor? 2. Are my neck & ______________ & shoulders in line with my body and facing my computer? 3. Are my arms and ________________ relaxed next to my body? 4. Are my forearms, wrists, & ____________ straight in line with the keyboard? 5. Is the ________________ at eye level? 6. Is my __________________ next to my keyboard and within easy reach? 7. Am I sitting straight with my back against my ______________?

Files & Folders

A (A) ____________________ is a document you create on your computer. You can save your file to a flash drive, CD, or on your computer’s hard drive or network server. In room 96 you will save your files to the (B) _________________, which is on a network server. You can put your files in a (C) _______________ to keep them organized.


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Sheet of Paper Manila Folder File Cabinet

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Windows, Menu, & Toolbars

The (A) _____________________ shows the name of the window. The (B) _____________________ button hides the window. The (C) _____________________ button sizes the window to cover the entire desktop. The (D) _____________________ button sizes the window smaller. The (E) _____________________ button closes the window. J I H G F K L N M