The Polar Express

The Polar Express
We have read The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg in class, and
we’ve talked about what it would be like to ride the Polar Express train
to the North Pole! Now it’s your turn to create the Polar Express!
Design Challenge:
Design and build a train car to be part of the 1st grade Polar Express
Your design must:
 hold a stuffed animal.
 have the car part be 1 unifix cube off the floor—it can’t sit on
the floor!
 have a way to hook onto the car in front and let another car
attach to the back.
Materials: What can you use?
 cardstock
 cardboard
 tissue boxes
 straws
 tape
paper cups
aluminum foil
pipe cleaners
Tools: What can you use to make your design?
 Scissors
 Glue
 Crayons
 Markers