Company Name/Logo Name of Founder/Owner MGT 487 May 2014

Company Name/Logo
Name of Founder/Owner
MGT 487
May 2014
• Brief explanation of your product or
• Key points that will be covered in the
presentation (including possible
outcomes, e.g., business, societal,
The Problem
• Explain the problem to be solved
• Validate the problem via research
what do potential customers
what do experts think?
• How big is the problem?
The Solution
• Present your business as the solution
to the problem for customers
• How does your business provide a
solution the situation
• How can you erect barriers to entry
so that others do/can not copy your
• Describe technology or unique aspects of your
product or service (if appropriate)
• Intellectual property (that can lead to a patent
or copyright)
Opportunity and Target Market
• Define your target market (including
market trends)
• Size of your target market
• Projected sales (3 years)
• Projected market share
• Discuss current and/or potential
• Identify strengths or core
competencies that lead to your
sustainable competitive advantage
• Your Value Proposition
Marketing and Sales
• Describe your marketing strategy
• Describe your pricing strategy
• Discuss your sales process
what motivates people to buy
how do make customers aware
how do your reach customers
Management Team
• What form of business organization?
• Describe the management team
(e.g., background, expertise, etc.)
• Gaps in management team
• Is there a Board of Directors? If so,
Financial Projections
• Summary of start-up costs
• Summary of income/revenue and
expenses projections (3 years)
• Any cash flow issues?