Target 2000 Technology Team Meeting Minutes of 4/28/00

Target 2000 Technology Team Meeting
Minutes of 4/28/00
Technology Committee
Notes of: April 28, 2000 Meeting
Present: Don Graham, John Roussell, Joe Alexander, Bill Post, Debbie McElroberts,
Larry Schmunk, Beverly Taylor, Vicky Banes (staff), and Susan Greco (staff).
Brief Updates:
Bill discussed WebCT and other interactive courseware currently on the market, which
were featured at a recent conference.
CMS Update:
Debbie McElroberts provided an update on CMS. Three of the first wave campuses are
on schedule for the delivery of prototypes which are expected September 1 of this year.
Some features will be cut back in order to meet time lines. Making progress in identifying
outsourcing for data center services but CSEA has filed a grievance on this issue. Hillary
Baker, Project Lead, has taken lead in trying to do risk assessment to identify areas where
there may be problems. Looking at a one-year contract so the process and provider can be
assessed before a long-term contact is negotiated. Another risk area is 4CNet, the systemwide network. It is essential that this network be totally functional and dependable for
CMS to work. CMS is a complex project. Some of the current issues on the table are
support issues, regional data center issues, training issues, version upgrades, and timeline
slippage's. The more slippage and time lag that occurs the more upgrades we might have
to face with the legacy system as well. First wave campuses are beta sites for
implementation and for CSU modifications to the software. Team leads are working on a
staffing strategy for CMS here at Chico. A team has been put together to work on Process
Mapping to determine strategies that we can do in advance of being fully engaged. We
need to figure out what the processes are and, once we start implementation, we will have
to change how we perform some of our business processes. PeopleSoft will be different
from how we are used to doing business so we will need a fit gap analysis and where we
don't fit we will have to change some of our processes. If we can do this early we'll be a
step ahead when we begin implementation. The Chico steering committee is starting to
address change management. Don Graham is the lead on this.
Portal Projects:
Beverly Taylor reported on the Portal Committee (Bev Taylor, Randy Miller, George
Wellman and Linda Post). The committee has met and established a time frame for a
deliverable. It was agreed to fold Debbie McElrobert's and Bob Hannigan's separate
portal investigations into the group. This is a joint committee between ESC and the
T2000 groups. They are in the data-collecting mode to learn more about technologies.
They may have a vendor visit and do a presentation. A recommendation is not expected
until next fall semester.
Draft of "Beyond 2000":
The current draft of Beyond 2000 was distributed. This is still in its early stages but there
is a deadline of May 20th for the Dean's Retreat so we need to have this cleaned up by
then. Everyone was asked to take the draft and make any revisions and additions to it and
return their comments to Bill Post as soon as possible. Bill will send the document out
electronically as well along with some assignments to come up with text for the