Family Transitions: Healthy Good-byes and New Beginnings Psychological Counseling Center

Family Transitions:
Healthy Good-byes and
New Beginnings
Psychological Counseling Center
What We Will Be Discussing
Common reactions to the transition
Challenges for families
Challenges for students
Tips for making a smooth transition
When to get involved
Campus resources
Common Parent Reactions
 Pride/hopefulness
 Relief
 Guilt
 Sadness/emptiness/loneliness
 Loss
of control
 Worry/fear
Challenges for Families
 Dealing
with emotional and
physical separation from
your student
 Feeling left out from your
student’s life
 Relinquishing some control
Challenges for Families
 Changes
in your parental
 Changes in other
relationships (e.g., other
children, spouse)
 Dealing with visits home
(e.g., weekends/holidays)
Challenges for Students
 Homesickness
 Stress
 Establishing
own identity
 Establishing independence
 Finances
Challenges for Students
 Roommate
 Socializing (fitting in)
 Academic pressure/
 Time management
Tips for a Smooth Transition
Redirect time and energy
Be open to adopting a
different role with your
Be a good listener
Allow for mistakes
Don’t take changes in your
student’s behavior personally
Tips for a Smooth Transition
Stay connected
 Guide rather than pressure or rescue
 Discuss values and expectations
 Expect ups and downs
When to Get Involved
 Repeated
tearful phone calls
 Unexplained weight gain/loss
 Frequent illness or fatigue
 Insomnia or other sleep problems
 Any very unusual behavior
Campus Resources
Resident Advisor, Resident Director
 Psychological Counseling & Wellness
Student Services Center 430  530-898-6345
Student Health Services
 Student Learning Center
 Academic Advising
 Disabled Student Services
Campus Resources
Alumni and Parent Relations
Parent handbook (
Student Activities (clubs/organizations)
 For parents: “Don’t Tell Me What to Do, Just
Send Money” by Helen E. Johnson & Christine
 For students:
 In case of emergency: THE FOOLPROOF