Bible 110 Old Testament Why did he remove to Gerar?

Bible 110 Old Testament
Abraham at Gerar
Why did he remove to Gerar?
This journey removed him from the area where events in Ch. 13-19 took
place. Had he lost a trading area? Did he remove to a new place and secure a
new trading area?
Abimelech, king of Gerar, takes Sarah for his wife. Being warned in a
dream by God, he restored Sarah to Abraham, gave him flocks and herds and
pieces of silver. This caused the woman in the house of Abimelech to be able to
have children once more.
The promise Fulfilled 21:1-34
Sarah gives birth to Isaac 1-9 when Abraham is 100.
Name Isaac means laughter
Circumsicion on 8th day
Hagar and Ishmael cast out 10-21
Abraham casts them out
God provides for them, promises a nation
Abraham and Abimelech 21:22-34
Abraham swears to deal truthfully with Abimelech; covenant made
between them at Beersheba over a well seized by Abimelech’s servants.
Abraham dug the well. The covenant caused Phicol and army to return to the
land of the Philistines. Abraham builds altar, plants tamarisk tree at Beersheba.
Sacrifice of Isaac 22:1-24
God tests Abraham
Repudiation of infant sacrifice?
Parable of the life of Israel?
Picture of Abraham’s obedience, Isaac’s obedience
Testing of Israel a part of the divine plan?
Why would God test Abraham then? He later sacrificed his own son.
Bible 110 Old Testament
Descendants of Abraham’s brother Nahor
Death and burial of Sarah 23:1-20
Grief of Abraham for Sarah
Purchases cave at Machpelah from Ephron for her burial
Abraham, a resident alien, with no rights, asks permission to bury Sarah
Hittites confer and grant permission for Abraham to bury. They refer to
him as a “great prince.”
Abraham negotiates with Ephron to purchase the cave. Ephron agrees to
“give” the cave (that means “sell”)
Ephron makes the field a part of the transaction. Abraham agrees without
attempting to bargain.
A wife for Isaac 24:1-67
Abraham and the servant 1-9
No Canaanite wife
Return to Haran to seek wife
Isaac will not return to Haran but remains in Canaan
Servant and Rebekah 10-27
Gifts to purchase bride-camels an indication of Abraham’s wealth
Servant sets up a theoretical coincidence of the well 13-14
Appearance of Rebekah 15-21
Lodging with her father 22-27
Rebekah tells their story to her mother’s house 28-49
Bethuel agrees that Rebekah should be the wife of Isaac 50-51
Rebekah desires to go immediately to Isaac 52-61
Isaac meets Rebekah and takes her for his wife 62-67
He is greatly comforted by her