The Great Gatsby Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 Honors English 11B

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
Honors English 11B
1. Turn in written poetry assignment/recite poetry
assignment, as applicable.
1. Complete discussion of The Great Gatsby. In groups, turn in
evidence about the language/literary devices, such as
symbolism, in the following passages:
 Green light at the end of the dock (Ch. 1 - pg. 49; Ch. 5
– pg. 23; Ch. 9 – last page)
 Daisy’s breakdown before her wedding (Ch. 4 - pp. 3941)
 Hotel scene (Ch. 7 - pp. 39-67) (2 groups)
 Recollection of Daisy and Gatsby’s courtship (Ch. 8 - pp.
 The Eyes of Dr. Eckleburg (Ch. 2 - pp. 1-2; Ch. 8 – pg.
2. Using a dictionary and/or thesaurus, define ten words from
Great Gatsby, its synonyms and antonym, part(s) of speech,
and use in sentence. Teach this word and its proper usage to
rest of class.
3. Write final essay about how The Great Gatsby reflects
the conscience of society at that time.
4. Begin Great Gatsby on DVD. Compare similarities between
book and movie.
 (4th pd./7th pd.) Socratic seminar will be
TOMORROW on Great Gatsby. Come up with two
questions/observations to present at seminar
 Great Gatsby vocabulary quiz will be this Monday,