Friday, April 22nd, 2016 AP English Language and Composition

Friday, April 22nd, 2016
AP English Language and Composition
Mastery Objectives:
SWBAT reflect upon creative elements and forms and respond in
a critical manner, and 2) identify specific textual evidence from
primary sources to support a personal response to a text.
1. (3rd) Watch documentary about background
surrounding In Cold Blood. In groups, finish opening
chapter of In Cold Blood. Analyze chapter for use of
language, setting and characterization.
2. (1st/5th) Watch Dear America: Letters Home From
Vietnam and as a class, compare/contrast this
documentary with The Things They Carried, in the
following areas: 1) importance of letters, 2) feelings
about the war, 3) bonds between soldiers, and 4) any
insanity that war creates. Does this documentary
make The Things They Carried seem any more
realistic, even though the book is fiction?
(3rd)Read all of In Cold Blood by Wednesday, May 4.
First written response (see webpage) is due BY THE
BEGINNING OF CLASS, this Monday, April 25.
(1st/5th)Read through pg. 117 (“Church”) from The
Things They Carried by Wednesday, April 27, and the
remainder of the book by Wednesday, May 4.