Public Service Planning Grant Third Request for Proposals

Public Service Planning Grant
Third Request for Proposals
RELEASE DATE: September 23, 2008
The Center for Public Service (CPS) announces a third Request for Proposals for the Public
Service Planning Grant, which was created as an incentive program to support the development
of sustained undergraduate public service offerings in academic departments and Schools. This
program, initiated by the Office of the Provost and the CPS Executive Committee, was made
possible by a donation from the Carnegie Corporation.
The purpose of the award is to promote the planning and institutionalization of new or continuing
public service offerings including service learning courses, capstones, internships, and/or study
abroad opportunities for undergraduates within academic departments and Schools. Addressing
the growing need for full implementation of Tulane’s public service graduation requirement, the
selected academic entities would create a permanent curricular plan providing a sufficient number
of public service opportunities for graduating students in their major discipline of study and/or a
significant percentage of students enrolled in their undergraduate course offering.
Proposals should include plans explaining how public service opportunities will be developed at
both the lower and upper course levels. Departments seeking to apply should identify these
courses, either existing or new ones, specify the term of particular course offering, and provide a
list of instructors, including a designated team leader and potential substitutes who will be
responsible for implementing their proposal. A final proposal containing a list of public service
offerings should be presented to the CPS Executive Committee after an extensive period of
planning and preparation (see Key Dates and Final Proposal Guidelines).
Departments should submit a letter of intent including the following items to the Center for
Public Service Executive Committee by Friday, October 24.
 A completed letter of intent cover sheet
 A narrative that addresses the team’s plans for the grant. Please include the following
o Team Members: Who comprises the faculty team and what public service
experience or knowledge do they have?
o Description of Process: How do you define successful institutionalization of
public service within your department/school? How will your ensure that your
department will be aware of the planning process? What type of curricular issues
will need to be addressed to ensure compliance with grant goals?
All proposals must be submitted to or to the Center for Public Service no later
than October 24.
1. October 24, 2008: Submit a Letter of Intent
2. November 6, 2008: Notification of Departments/Schools to Proceed with Planning
3. November/December 2008: Meet with CPS Executive Director and CPS Faculty
Training and Support Assistant Director to discuss planning phase and progress
4. March 2, 2009: Submission of a final proposal detailing a curriculum design for the unit
incorporating public service opportunities and providing a sufficient number of courses
for students majoring in the given department or School. NOTE: The full
implementation of the program is expected for Fall 2009 and to continue thereafter.
***Although participation in CPS Faculty programming is not required, CPS will provide a
variety of workshops and trainings as well as one-on-one consultations regarding syllabus
design, service learning pedagogy, best practices, and community partnerships. We highly
recommend that selected departments make use of these opportunities.
The final proposal should include, but is not limited to, the following:
 An executive summary of the overall departmental curricular plan for the implementation
of public service courses
 A list of faculty members who have indicated their willingness to teach public service
 A detailed departmental plan of public service course offerings. NOTE: The required
number of public service course offerings should be determined based upon the size of
the graduating class within a major.
o Provide a rationale for how your proposed public service course offerings will
capture all department/program majors and/or a significant percentage of
students enrolled in your undergraduate course offerings.
o The type of support the plan will receive within the department, including plans
for faculty recruitment (new hires with experience in civic engagement
pedagogy) and training.
o The challenges that exist in integrating public service course offerings within the
department, and what the department will do to address those issues.
 A description and/or list of possible community agencies/entities that will serve as
community partners, their needs, and how public service within the discipline can help to
meet these needs.
 A detailed proposal of how the department/school plans to use the award.
The implementation of the departmental plan will be monitored by the Office of the Provost to
help ensure delivery of the public service curricular program in its adopted form.
Selected proposals will receive a $7,500, $20,000 and $35,000 grant, distributed into 6-ledger
accounts. Grant amounts will vary according to the size of the average number of graduates in
2004 and 2005. The units will establish internal guidelines for using these funds to enhance the
department’s scholarly and academic mission.
To determine the maximum value of the award for departments, centers and programs, please email
Public Service Planning Grant
Letter of Intent Cover Sheet
Lead Faculty:
As chair/dean, I acknowledge that these faculty members will plan the full integration of Public
Service within our department/School. I will support their efforts and assist them with the
implementation of their plan. I understand the department/School will be responsible for
reporting on the implementation of this proposal.
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