Formal Writing Assignment for ELED 316 (Reading Instruction) Leticia Ortega

Formal Writing Assignment for ELED 316 (Reading Instruction)
Leticia Ortega
Review of a professional organization in reading education
Purpose: As a teacher, it will be important for you to be familiar with opportunities for
professional development and active involvement in your field beyond the confines of
your classroom or school. In this assignment, you will position yourself as a potential
member of a professional organization, and you will analyze possibilities to present and
publish your work there. At the same time, you will develop a professional voice in order
to address a community of educators about resources and opportunities in your
Assignment: You will conduct a survey of a professional organization specializing in
literacy education (International Reading Association, National Council of Teachers of
English, National Reading Conference). You should study the organization website AND
selected publications (journals, handbooks) at the library. Select at least two different
journals published by the organization, and look at two issues of each. You will report
on your findings to your peers (teacher candidates at Salisbury University). Write a 3-4
page, double-spaced report (Times New Roman size 12), in which you present the
organization to your peers in terms of how it could be helpful in their future career.
- a review of conferences, resources, websites, publications, position statements,
standards, renowned members, and any other aspects that you find important
- a reflection on how you (and your peers) could get involved in the organization in
order to enhance your professional development
 Specify what resources you find useful as a teacher candidate, and which you
expect to use as an in-service teacher, explaining how they will be useful
 Comment on publications and how you relate to them as a member of the
profession and potential contributor: What are some topics of interest? Did you
find any innovative ideas that help you rethink your teaching? Who are the
authors? Are they teachers, or university professors? Do they report on
classroom experiences? Do they report on formal research studies? Is there any
particular article that caught your interest?
 Would you attend the conferences offered by the organization? Can you see
yourself presenting your work there? Who presents, and what kinds of
presentations are there –paper sessions, poster sessions, workshops?
- a list of references at the end (APA style) including the websites and publications
reviewed (separate page, added to your 3-4 page paper)
On the due date: Submit the paper report, including the list of references, and be prepared to
present the information to members of the class.
Evaluation: Your paper will be evaluated based on completeness, clarity and support for your
arguments, sense of audience, organization of your ideas, and mechanics (grammar, spelling,
punctuation, citations).
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