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Faculty of Information Technology
Department of CIS
Examination Paper
Philadelphia University
: Dareen Hamoudeh
Eman Alnaji
Coordinator : Eman Alnaji
Internal Examiner: Dr. Samir Tartir
Visual Programming (0761220)
Date: 29-11-2015
First Exam
First Semester of 2015-2016
Time: 50 minutes
Information for Candidates
1. This examination paper contains four questions, totaling 22 marks (2 bonus)
2. The marks for parts of questions are shown in square brackets.
Advice to Candidates
1. You should attempt all questions.
2. You should write your answers clearly.
I. Basic concepts
Objective: The aim of the questions in this part is to evaluate your knowledge and skills concerning with the basic
concepts of windows programming using .NET environment
Question1: Choose the correct answer of the following:
[5 Marks, 1 Mark each]
1. Which of the following windows contains the control items that you can add to a form:
A) Events Window
B) Properties Window
C) Solution Explorer
D) Toolbox
2. Which of the following control items display a text that cannot be edited by the user?
A) PictureBox
B) TextBox
C) Label
D) Panel
3. Which of the following options is NOT considered a container?
A) Panel
B) Button
C) Form
D) GroupBox
4. What is a default event of a PictureBox?
A) Click
B) DoubleClick
C) MouseClick
D) Load
5. The property you use to change the font color of the text written in a label, is:
A) FontColor
B) BackColor
C) Color
D) ForeColor
II. Familiar Problem Solving
Objective: The aim of the questions in this part is to evaluate that the student has some basic knowledge of the
key aspects of the lecture material and can attempt to solve familiar problems.
Question2: Answer the following:
[Total: 5 Marks]
1. Write one C# statement that displays a hidden button named “button1”. (1 Mark)
2. Write one C# statement that adds two values in two textboxes, “t1” and “t2” and displays the result
in textbox “t3”
(2 Marks)
3. In the form displayed below:
a. Specify any 2 types of control items used in this form.
(1 Mark)
b. What is the property used in the Password control item, to make it hide the entered
password? And what is its value?
(1 Mark)
Question3: Create a form as displayed below, with size 400X400, change the text in the Label1 to either
"Upper Half" or "Lower Half" according to the movement of the mouse.
Hint: Write down the method name
[Total: 2 Marks]
Question4: In the previous form, do the following actions: [6 Marks]
1. When the user presses the key "A", the font of Label1 will increase with 2 points.
2. When the user presses the key "I", the font of Label1 will become Italic.
3. When the user presses the key "C", display the following message:
If the user presses "Yes" the form closes, otherwise, nothing happens.
Hint: Write down the method name.
III. Unfamiliar Problem Solving
Objective: The aim of the question in this part is to evaluate that student can solve familiar problems with ease
and can make progress toward the solution of unfamiliar problems, and can set out reasoning and explanation in
clear and coherent manner of the topics related to the function.
Question5: Create the following form, which should perform the following: [2 Marks]
According to the radiobuttons selection, change the SizeMode Property of the picture box.
(2 Marks)
Hint: Write the method name.
Good Luck