Job Description
Facilities Maintenance & Construction
Electrician Lead, Maintenance
Job Code: 8835 – Contract Classified
Department Introduction:
Facilities Maintenance and Facilities Construction are responsible for general maintenance, repair, alterations, and
renovations of all campus facilities including building interiors, exteriors, and grounds.
Job Purpose:
Duties and Responsibilities:
Maintenance Program Execution:
 Plan, schedule and direct the work of journey and semiskilled workers in performing maintenance and alterations
of University buildings, facilities, grounds, equipment and utilities
 Determine scope of work and materials needed
 Develop accurate cost estimates, material availability and cost effective solutions for fabrication, installation and
repair work
 Team with project managers to develop accurate project estimates
 Read plans and blueprints, inspect projects to ensure compliance with local codes, obtain electrical permits and
maintain records of work performed
 Order materials to accomplish the work
 Construct projects and modifications from drawings or sketches as written
 Work with project managers to discuss any proposed project changes before construction
 Perform journey-level trades’ work as necessary to meet production demands and assure proper service to
campus clients
 Perform computer-related activities as necessary to accomplish tasks, including the work management and
project scheduling systems, Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs, e-mail, calendar and spreadsheets;
maintain work records and write reports as needed
 Operate machinery such as fork-lifts, scissor-lifts, and high rangers
 Load and unload materials and supplies
 Operate vehicles such as UW vans and trucks to transport tools, equipment and personnel to various job sites
Organizational Leadership and Engagement:
 Positively support all management directives and actively promote the purpose and foundational values of
Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)
 Provide information for employee performance reviews to supervisor
 Participate in the recruitment process
 Communicate and collaborate with other Facilities Services shops and other business partners such as Design
Services, Capital Projects Office and UW Technology to facilitate work
 Comply with all University and Facilities Services policies and procedures, FMC protocols, i.e. Individual
Accountability Protocols (IAP)
 Support all management directives and the vision and values of FMC
 Participate in and follow through with FMC process improvement initiatives (Balanced Scorecard, Lean, Ideas
 Keep supervisors informed of project status, work progress, required project materials and equipment
 Participate in project meetings when scheduled
 With shop supervisor, develop weekly work schedules and priority projects
 Be attentive to the success of all projects, both “Shop Direct” (“Assigned”) and “Project Managed” jobs
 Be mindful of the entirety of each project
 Resolve problems; alert shop supervisor of problems that require client contact
 Provide input to shop supervisor regarding timecard accuracy
 Actively participate in meetings and trainings as scheduled
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 Know and ensure that assigned personnel comply with occupational health and safety regulations specific to
performance of the work
 This will include Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) instructions, Hazard Review Checklists (HRCs) and the use
of personal protective equipment (PPE) as required
 Report all safety issues to the shop supervisor
 Maintain professional knowledge of industry standards to ensure the best products at the best prices
 Perform other duties as assigned
 Regular and predictable attendance is required
Core Competencies:
 Demonstrate personal integrity and trustworthiness
 Manage stressful situations and changing priorities effectively
 Anticipate, recognize and resolve problems
 Be responsible and accountable
 Use organizational skills and provide attention to details
 Maintain a positive, optimistic and success-oriented attitude
 Exercise professional demeanor, which includes being tactful and courteous
 Exhibit a professional work ethic
 Continuously promote a safe work environment
Required Skills, Experience and Knowledge:
 One year of full-time experience as a journey electrician or equivalent trade skills
 Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except when there are legal
requirements, such as a license/certification/registration
 Excellent interpersonal and oral/written communication skills and a proven ability to work successfully with people
at all levels throughout the organization and with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders
 Able to maintain professional behavior and composure in a fast paced, dynamic, customer service-driven
 Excellent problem-solving skills
 Able to anticipate and recognize problems, and develop and implement creative, cost-effective solutions
 Able to function within a complex regulatory environment
 Demonstrated ability to effectively interpret and apply standards, regulations, policies, and procedures
 Excellent organizational skills
 Able to work independently and successfully prioritize and coordinate multiple programs and assigned tasks
 Demonstrated flexibility to meet changing and unpredictable requirements
 Must possess strong personal integrity, trustworthiness, and professional work ethic
 Proven ability to lead by example in both performance and behavior and to hold employees accountable to
established expectations
 Demonstrated positive, optimistic, success-oriented attitude and ability to positively support the organization,
applicable policies, and management decisions
 Proven ability to take direction, meet expectations, and work cohesively as a member of a team
 Knowledge of National Electrician Code (NEC) and all other local codes and ordinances
 Knowledge and practical experience with WISHA (Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act) and OSHA
(Occupational Safety and Health Act) regulations
 Demonstrated proficiency with standard productivity software including Microsoft Office Suite or equivalent
 Have knowledge and understand of safe work practices and policies
 Must be able to wear all proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required
 Must be able to follow written and/or verbal instructions and communicate in English regarding the use of
chemicals, supplies, and equipment; comply with safety policies and procedures
Desirable Skills, Experience and Knowledge:
 Demonstrated successful experience as a lead or supervisor
 Demonstrated successful experience working with computerized maintenance management systems
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Experience with the programming, troubleshooting and repair of commercial lighting automation systems (various
Experience with understanding, troubleshooting and repair of complex motor control circuits serving physical plant
equipment including over-current device selection and settings
Experience with commercial electrical distribution systems including emergency power, life safety and equipment
branch systems, transformers, busway systems and motor control centers
Experience with the setup and programming of PLCs in motor control applications
Experience with programming, startup and diagnostic repair of variable frequency drives (VFDs)
Knowledge and experience with Predictive Maintenance Technologies which may include vibration analysis,
infrared imaging thermography, data-log analysis and power quality analysis
Conditions of Employment:
 Washington State journey electrician's license and/or evidence of certification or obtain certification within 90 days
of employment
 Valid driver’s license recognized by the State of Washington
 Commercial Driver’s License may be required
 Regular and predictable attendance is required
 May be required to accept variable work shift
 Work may require access to confined spaces and heights using appropriate safety precautions
 Must be able to work in a smoke-free environment
 Ability to lift and move heavy materials is required
 Must be able to work outside under all weather conditions
 Must be able to be fitted for and wear a respirator on the job
 A tuberculosis (TB) test is required for work assignments in nonhuman primate areas and in the UW Medical
 Approved footwear must be provided at the employee’s expense and worn on the job
 A satisfactory outcome from a criminal background verification will be required prior to hire
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