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International Programs
Shippensburg University International Student Services and Study Abroad
Newsletter November/December 2013
International Education Week Recap
Staff Information
Mary Burnett
Director of International Programs
International Education Week began on Monday, October 21 st
with the award-winning French film “The Intouchables”, as well as a
discussion on the socio-economic tension along with disability in
Dr. Jonathan Skaff
Director of International Studies
Danielle Dabrowski
Tuesday’s events included an Immersion Afternoon hosted by
the Foreign Languages department, as well as a question and answer
discussion with Shippensburg Students who have returned from
semesters abroad. The Immersion Afternoon took place in Rowland
Hall, and delicious ethnic foods were prepared for all guests to enjoy.
International Programs Secretary
Ezra Thrush
International Studies Graduate Assistant
Emmitt Smith
The faculty in the Foreign Languages department were all on-hand to
International Programs Graduate Assistant
discuss culture with students and visitors. There was even a “World-
Tara Owens
Language Karaoke” room set up for students. The evening event was
primarily for students who are currently considering studying abroad.
International Programs Student Worker
It gave them information from their peers rather than merely
Gabby Gomani
information that they have read in brochures or in websites.
International Programs Student Worker
Ship World Party ended the week on a high note, as students
and faculty from all over the world brought a taste of his or her culture
to the Tuscarora Room in Reisner Dining Hall. Again, ethnic foods
were prepared for all to enjoy, as well as dancing, a silent auction,
students and faculty giving information on their respective countries,
and even crafts for children. Dinner that night in Reisner Dining Hall
was also ethnic food, which further enhanced the meaning and
importance of the week-long event.
All week long, all students were invited to sit in on a language
class in order to be engulfed in a different culture. International
Education Week was a success, and thank you to everyone who put
time and energy into making this week what it was. Pictures from the
events can be seen on the Shippensburg University International
Students Facebook Page.
Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm
Mary’s Walk in Office Hours
Monday – 12 pm – 2 pm
Thursday – 12 pm – 2 pm
Contact Information
(717) 477-1279
Attention International Students!
The writing studio will help you finish the semester
The writing studio, located in the learning center of the Ezra Lehman library,
is a great resource for all students, especially now that “crunch-time” in the
semester has arrived. If you need help with a paper, or just want some help
preparing for a presentation, the writing center has got you covered. Here is a
message from Writing Studio Graduate Assistant, Matt Miller.
International Students,
In recent years, the Writing Studio has seen an increase in the number of
international students seeking assistance working through the writing process. We
have taken action to meet the needs of this growing population. Throughout the
past several semesters, we have been working behind the scenes to create a writing
and speaking center which is better prepared to offer assistance to these students.
Non-native English speakers can now come to the Writing Studio in the learning
center to receive specialized tutoring in the writing process and the process of
speech preparation and delivery. If you are an international student in need of
tutoring in these areas, tutor Matt Miller would be happy to meet with you.
Matt is a graduate student in the School Counseling program. He has a
background in communication studies, with a concentration on interpersonal and
intercultural communication. Stop by the learning center in the library or call 4771420 to make an appointment with Matt today.
King of Prussia Mall Trip!
All international students are invited to attend!
On Saturday December 7, 2013, the International Programs office would like
to take interested students to the King of Prussia Mall, which is located near
Philadelphia, PA. The International Programs office will be providing
transportation on this day for any international students who want to take
advantage of a trip to one of the largest malls in the area!
If you are interested, please fill out the attached form and bring $10 cash
deposit to Mary or Emmitt’s office no later than Wednesday November 27th to
reserve your spot. This $10 will be refunded to you on the day of the trip! (If you
do not show up on Saturday for the trip, the $10 is not refunded to you.) Seats are
limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
Here is a link to the shopping mall's website! It is MASSIVE, and there is just
about any type of store that you could imagine within the building. There are also
many great restaurants. It is the second largest mall in the country.
Things to keep in mind…
Study Abroad 101 sessions for this semester have ended! Call and schedule an individual
appointment to get your study abroad experience started!
Upcoming Study Abroad deadlines are as follows…
o For study in Summer 2014  March 14, 2014
o For study in Fall 2014  March 21, 2014
Please take note of the upcoming events for the Foreign Film Festival. All showings will be
held in DHC 051 at 6:30pm. Each screening will feature a different country around the
world. Below is the schedule of screenings
o Monday, December 2nd – City of God (2002) Brazil
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