Narrative Writing

Narrative Writing
Directions: It’s time to make the modern political issue you researched in the “Founding Fathers” research
model come alive! Be creative in telling the story of how the issue has affected a character you create.
Your narrative will be relatively short, so choose to describe a specific pivotal moment; for example, if your
issue had to do with environmental policy, you might write about the moment when a college student is
chaining herself to a tree in a Washington forest to protest clear-cutting—including the factors leading her
to this decision. Describe the experience from your character’s perspective, using either first or third person
point of view. Be sure to create an engaging opening, vary your syntax for effect, and use vivid description.
Use the space below to brainstorm and storyboard before you begin to compose your narrative.
Modern Political Issue from Research:
Ideas for a Character Affected by the Issue:
Pivotal Moment in Character’s Life which Reflects the Issue:
Ideas for Dialogue: