RAFTS prompts


RAFTS prompts

RAFTS prompts are used to initiate a piece of student writing. Each letter represents one aspect of writing that the student should carefully consider and use in the composition. The letters represent the following:

R – Role of the writer (Your prompt may cue the student to write as someone or something other than him or herself, e.g. a Civil War soldier, a character in the novel, a numeral, a kidney, etc. Assigning a role helps the writer adopt a point of view and a voice.)

A – Audience (The writer should be made aware of who or what will be reading and reacting to this writing – not just the teacher. Knowing the audience helps the reader select the content and the style.)

F – Format (The prompt cues the reader to a form that has been taught and should be well-known. Knowing the format helps the writer organize the content and abide by specific format conventions, e.g. letter, interview, etc.)

T – Topic (The prompt clearly identifies and focuses the topic for this piece of writing.)

S – Strong Verb (A strong verb in the prompt should identify the writing purpose, e.g. argumentative, informative, narrative)

RAFTS prompts provide an assessment alternative and an opportunity for students to creatively demonstrate what they know. Sample RAFTS prompts for English, Mathematics, Science, and

Social Studies follow:

English: You are Jonas in The Giver . Prepare a speech to convince members of the community that it is important for them to share memories.

Mathematics: You are the numeral zero. Some humans think you are just a nothing.

Write a letter to the newspaper to convince its readers of your importance.

Science: You are a kidney in the human body. Write a letter to your host to explain why you need to stay healthy and why the host will be better off if continue to function in tiptop condition.

Social Studies: You are a Civil War soldier. Write a journal entry describing your camp experiences (living conditions). Be sure to include descriptions of the food and cooking, the military drills, your lodging and sleep, and your recreation.