Native to Maryland Poster Checklist Steps Completed

Native to Maryland
Poster Checklist
Steps Completed
Decide which group member will cover the physical characteristics,
which will cover social characteristics, and which will cover
economic characteristics for your tribe.
Make sure that each group member has covered his/her part of the
topic with adequate notes.
Create a draft of the poster. Map out where the information and
visuals be located on your poster.
Create a group poster to display information and visuals on the
physical characteristics, social characteristics, and economic
characteristics of your Native American tribe.
Visuals can be created in a drawing software program such as Pixie,
a mind-mapping software such as Kidspiration, Microsoft Word, or
student made illustrations.
Visuals can be found in the Library of Congress Web site and on
school databases such as NetTrekker, Work Book for Kids/Students,
and SIRS.
The drawings, pictures, or other visuals/graphics are related to the
information/captions on your poster.
Information that needs to be added to the Poster other than your
tribe specific information must include:
the name of your tribe
group member names
information about your tribe’s habitat
social characteristics
political characteristics
economic characteristics
Information on the poster is written in your own words. Information
on the poster is well written, clear, and has minimal mistakes.
References are cited correctly on the poster.
Overall Effect:
Poster is original, attractive, and easy to read/navigate
Poster focuses on the relationship between the Native
Americans’ habitats and their lifestyles.