Stranger Danger 8 Grade Forensic Science th

Case #7
Stranger Danger
T. Trimpe 2006
8th Grade Forensic Science
David was sitting in his hotel room reading a book, when he heard a
knock at the door, and the sound of someone trying the door handle.
He opened the door, where he saw a man whom he had never seen
The man said, "I'm terribly sorry ... I thought this was my room.
Wrong floor, I guess." He then walked off down the hall toward the
David went back into his room, thought about what had just
happened, and then phoned the front desk, suggesting they call the
police, since the man at the door had obviously been a thief.
Why was David so sure the man had been a thief?
The man had knocked first. He wouldn't have
done that if he'd thought it was his room.