Title (at least 72 point)

Title (at least 72 point)
Your name and affiliation (at least 40 point)
Introduction (at least 40 point for headers)
•What is the core issue your project addresses?
•What are the goals of your project?
People, Partners or Stakeholders (choose the
term you prefer)
Service or Leadership Project (choose the
term you prefer)
• Describe your project.
• What methods are you employing to achieve your
goals and address the issue?
• How are you doing the work?
• What does the work look like?
• What does it feel like?
•What impact has your work had?
•What do you expect/hope will continue to happen in the
•Why is this service or leadership project relevant and
Reflection and Connection
• Who are your partners? Tell about the community
members, partner organizations, and those who
participate in (or benefit from) your work.
• What lessons will you take away from this project?
How has this work impacted your academic pursuits?
• How have mentors influenced what you are doing?
•Thank everyone who helped you, including mentors
and funders.
•Give credit where credit is due.
Add a caption for your graphs/pictures. Make sure
they are properly labeled (at least 24 point)
Insert funding information, organization logos, web addresses, etc., here.