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letter head
Subject: Probationary period extended
Dear (xx),
This letter is to confirm our discussion regarding your employment with MU Extension.
Your first day with (dept xx) was on (xx/xx/xxxx). Per HR-109, all new regular employees serve a
probationary period of six (6) months. It is designed to give the University an opportunity to determine
whether an Administrative, Service and Support employee is suitable and qualified for the work which
the employee was hired; the decision as to the employee’s suitability and qualifications is the sole
responsibility of the University.
At this time your probationary period has been extended through ( xx/xx/xxxx) in order to allow
additional opportunity to evaluate performance. This decision was made due to (elaborate on reasons
for extension of probationary period). On xx/xx/xxxx (about 5 days before extended probationary period
is to end), we will meet again to discuss your position with the University of Missouri.
(print name)
MU Extension HR
Personnel file
Attachments: HR-109 Probationary and Qualifying Periods