Important Dates Math

Important Dates
9/7- Donuts with Dad
9/11- 2nd grade
reading night
9/24- No school
Language Arts
We will be working on our Daily 5
routines this month. This includes
reading to self, word work (working on
spelling, vocabulary, and phonics),
reading to someone, listening to
reading, and guided reading groups. Our
spelling focus will be on short and long
vowels. Within that focus, we will look
at different vowel patterns, diagraphs,
and blends. In addition, we will study
compound words, and onsets and rimes.
Our class will also work on ending
To enhance comprehension, we will
begin reading and thinking about nonfiction features. Students will label
and address things like; captions,
diagrams, photographs, charts, etc.
We make sure to ALWAYS STOP AND
THINK about what we read! “Think
while you read!!” Parents, whether your
child is reading to you, or you are
reading to him/her, stop after a page
or two and have your child tell you what
he/she just read or heard!
This month in math, we will
concentrate on addition and
subtraction fact families. We will learn
different addition/subtraction
strategies to enhance our mental math
abilities. We will put these strategies
to work to help us solve number stories
and determine a pattern in a number
sequence. We will also start math
Social Studies
We will look at our city, state, and
federal government. We will learn how
laws are made, as well as learn the
duties preformed by our government.
In geography we will be studying maps.
We will learn the 4 oceans and 7
continents. We will also learn how to
use a map key.
Writer’s Workshop
We are really learning to be great
writers and we are having a blast while
doing so! The students and I have been
discussing what makes a great story. We
have been writing stories about
experiences we have had and we make sure
to put ourselves on every page! If
something interesting, funny, sweet, etc.
happens while you are with your child…be
sure to tell him/her, “You could write
about that!” Helping your child think like a
writer will greatly help in his/her reading
and writing skills! For more information on
what we do during Writer’s Workshop, email me.