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 An
object at rest will remain at rest
unless acted on by an unbalanced
force. An object in motion
continues in motion with the same
speed and in the same direction
unless acted upon by an
unbalanced force.
 that
there is a natural tendency of
objects to keep on doing what
they're doing.
This is why
you wear a
Newton’s 2nd Law: Law of Acceleration
 Acceleration
is produced when a force
acts on a mass. The greater the mass
(of the object being accelerated) the
greater the amount of force needed (to
accelerate the object).
 F = ma
Newton (N) = kg • m/s2
that the heavier the object is, the more
force it requires to move it the same
distance as a lighter object.
Which is easier?
 For
every action there is an equal and
opposite re-action.
 that
for every force there is a reaction
force that is equal in size, but opposite
in direction.
 That is to say that whenever an object
pushes another object it gets pushed
back in the opposite direction equally
The rocket's action
is to push down on
the ground with
the force of its
powerful engines,
and the reaction is
that the ground
pushes the rocket
upwards with an
equal force.
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