You’re Invited…

You’re Invited…
Session 1- 6:00-6:20
to Building A Literacy Night on Thursday, November 13th from 6:007:10! Our amazing teachers will be offering short sessions
covering each area of literacy instruction, with simple activities
you can replicate at home with your child! You will choose three
sessions total from the menu below, and the book fair will be
open for shopping both before and after the event. Bring your
children for a fun night of partnering together to grow strong
kindergarten, first, and second grade readers and writers!
Make Reading Happy, Practice Your Fluency!
Come join us for fun with fluency! We will explore the
importance of reading just right books and poems to
build a fluent reader. Ms. Eason & Ms. Ruff- Room 237
Fluency Fun!
Come join us for fun with fluency! We will explore
exciting ways to learn sight words to build a more fluent
reader. Ms. Taber & Ms. Sweaney- Room 239
Creating Wonderful Writers
Every child has a story to tell! Come learn strategies to
grow your child as a writer and a reader! Ms. Green &
Ms. Cook- Room 223
Word Work- Making Words in Wonderful Ways!
Join us as we take every day household items to build
and create words. Ms. Luttrell-Smith & Ms. ClaiborneRoom 206
Why is that letter making that sound?
Has your child ever said, “I learned a new secret story
today?” Join us to learn the secrets. Learn a fun way to
support your reader in learning the complex patterns of
our language. Ms. Obermiller & Ms. Burnham- Room
Session 2- 6:25-6:45
Session 3- 6:50-7:10
Word Nerds- Vocabulary & Literature
Words we hear every day, how can we make them
fancier to say? Come to Word Nerds to enrich their
minds, fabulous words are easy to find! Ms. Evans &
Ms. Keator- Room 226
Word Nerds- Make and Take
Join us in the fun of creating vocabulary games from
household items that can enrich your child’s
vocabulary each day! We will have free items
available for you to take and use immediately. Ms. Hill,
Ms. Bolte, & Ms. Ramento- Room 227
Did You Hear That?
Helping your child develop phonemic awareness
doesn’t have to be scary!!! Phonemic awareness is
simply the ability to break words down into individual
sounds. Please join us as we share some simple and fun
ideas to help your child identify letter sounds, hear and
recognize blends and diagraphs, and break words
down by syllables. Ms. Graham & Ms. Farver- Room 225
Student Services Panel *only offered at 6:00!
Do you have questions? We have answers!
Are you a parent of a student who has qualified to
receive speech or academic services? Are you
interested in school counseling services for your
child? A special education teacher, speech
pathologist, and school counselor will be on hand to
answer your questions about the programs we offer
and the link to literacy in the classroom. Ms. Brandt,
Ms. Marler, Ms. Kaut, & Ms. LaGere- Room 215
One Sound, Two Sound, Short Sound, Long Sound!
You can do them in the car, you can do them with a
jar, you can do them here or there, you can do them
anywhere! Come get ideas of how to use items in your
home to help your child hear sounds in spoken words.
Ms. Wilson & Ms. Elder- Room 205
Comprehension Counts!
Wouldn’t you love for your child to have a deeper
understanding of what they read? Comprehension is
the foundation for future learning. Come join us to
learn practical ways to implement this at home!
Ms. McGuire, Ms. Roy, Ms. Beliera, Ms. Rodgers, &
Ms. Desrochers - Room 214