Objectives for Session
-To stress that it is essential to build partnerships with various
stakeholders as early as possible in the Urban HEART process
-To understand that building an inclusive team will be one of
the most important steps for the productive implementation of
Build an Inclusive Team
• Build partnerships with diverse policy sectors, levels of
government, and communities as early as possible
– Will need data from a wide range of sectors and levels of
government to analyse health inequities in your city
– An inclusive approach helps build political commitment
• Team building may be the most time-consuming step in the
process, but may also be the most important step
An Urban HEART Team
• A network of agencies and individuals informed and ready to
participate in Urban HEART
• Agreements to consider resource sharing/resource allocations
• Endorsement of tool by one or more influential champions
• Terms of reference
• Momentum to proceed!
Who should be involved?
• Social, economic and health policy stakeholders who have
authority to share data
• If new funding will be required for interventions, engage the
finance departments early on
• All relevant levels of government planning
• Community leaders, elected officials, NGOs
• People who have experience analysing large datasets
Stakeholder Analysis Activity
Brainstorming on Urban HEART team
• Who should be on the proposed Urban HEART team
for your city?
• What are the steps to get the stakeholders involved?
• What are the resources needed to begin building a
team in your city?
Exercise on ranking stakeholders
• Prioritize the stakeholders in terms of their comparative
importance and ease of getting them onto the Urban HEART
Rank stakeholders in terms of:
• how difficult is it to engage them to join the Urban HEART
team (from 1 to 10, in ascending degree of difficulty)
• the relative importance for their inclusion on the Urban
HEART team (from 1 to 10, in ascending degree of
Complete the table in the following slide
Roles and
Difficulty in engaging
Relative importance
for inclusion
Is there an existing
point of contact?
More questions for thought
• Are there any existing agencies that focus on health
equities in cities?
• Is Urban HEART recognized by any agencies or local
Activity: Building an inclusive team
Group assignment
• In randomly assigned groups of 5-6 members, construct
the longest structure possible according to the
following instructions
Rules of the Game
Build the longest connected structure with:
– Paper
– Rubber bands
– Paper clips
– Straws
Other materials (not to be used to extend the length of
the structure)
– Scissors
– Tape
• Time limit: 15 minutes
• Teams may use other materials in their possession
for construction other than those given to them at
the start of the game
• The final product must be able to be held up without
breaking off