2016 CARLSON AWARD APPLICATION I. Personal Information Instructions

I. Personal Information
Please send your completed
application and required attachments
as Word OR .pdf formats, to
[email protected] by 11:59PM on
Monday, April 18th. Applications
received after the deadline will not be
Contact Kathryn or David in the
Carlson Center, at 206-543-4282,
[email protected] -- or visit MGH 171!
Student Number:
Preferred Phone Number:
Preferred Email Address:
Your Studies
Expected Quarter and Year of Graduation:
II. Short Essay Questions
The selection committee is interested in learning about your conception and practice of civic leadership;
respond to the questions below and tell us about the form your civic leadership takes—activism, advocacy,
artistic expression, capacity-building, community organizing, political participation, social entrepreneurship,
volunteerism, or something else entirely! Limit responses to 250 words or less for each question.
1. Give us a brief overview of the activities you consider most relevant to your civic leadership experience. The
selection committee is looking for a demonstration of depth in your leadership commitment, not a laundry list of
things you’ve done--be selective and focus on areas of significant and increasing depth.
2. What social/community issue(s) have you addressed through your public service activity? What resources
(people, systems) did you leverage in order to address these issues?
3. How do you define civic leadership? What elements of civic leadership and public service philosophy have you
demonstrated in your community engagement activities?
4. Tell us about any significant personal growth that can be tied to your civic leadership conception and practice.
4. How do you plan to use your civic leadership skills and experience as part of your trajectory beyond the UW?
III. Additional Attachments from the Applicant
REQUIRED Current University of Washington transcript (unofficial is fine)
RECOMMENDED Current Resume
OPTIONAL Up to three “artifacts” artifacts” of your service and leadership work. An artifact can include—
but is not limited to—photographs, links to relevant web sites, videos, examples of products created as a
part of your service and leadership work, or press clippings.
IV. Letter of Recommendation
All applicants are required to submit a letter of recommendation from a mentor who knows your civic
leadership activities well and can speak to your commitment to personal development and future civic
engagement potential. Mentors can be community members, organization representatives, UW staff, faculty,
or graduate students—as long as the person is a personal or professional mentor who can speak about your
conception and practice of civic leadership.
Letters may be submitted as Word OR .pdf attachments by the applicant or can be emailed separately to
[email protected] by the recommender. Letters of recommendation are due at the same time as other
components of the application—11:59PM on Monday, April 18th.
IV. Interview Process
Carlson Award Interviews will take place on Friday, April 29th between 10am and 4pm. Please indicate your
availability for a 30 minute interview via this web form.
Application review will take place immediately after the application closes; all applicants will be notified of their
interview status by 5PM on Tuesday, April 26th. Please hold the times you indicate as “available” in your calendar!
Thank you for your application!