Una producció sostenible d'electricitat, elements de programari

"Una producció sostenible d'electricitat, elements de programari" is a TFC in
Technical Engineering of Telecommunications degree, specialized by
Telecommunications Systems, of the 'Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya',
developed in coordination with David Monso designer.
This project is a part of a bigger global system which consists in a clean and
sostenibility electricity production way thought up by this project manager,
Josep Maria Torrents Dolz. Five designers in all working in hardware and
software take part in the global system.
Specifically, this project cover one part of the softtware work: a graphic
interface design and development that shows the measured data of this
electricity system, which is in fact the pedalling of a bike. The voltage, intensity
and power data are provided by the other coordinated designer by means of a
class library, and the application this project develop has to show them and
process them in order to show the accumulated energy.
This application has been thought up as an educational game and offers a set
of features: users can make bicicle competitions, can limit the race to energy or
time, application saves the best marks in a XML, captures the images of a web
cam in real time and allows user to save the last image of the race, and finally
allows to get graphics in Excel with the energy/time relations of every player.
This report details how the features of this application has been designed and
developed, and uses one chapter to explain the used tecnology, which is one
of the most important of the moment: the .NET platform.
The global system pretends to make aware students and users about the effort
that involves producing energy and how many worthy is. Therefore this
application has benn developed in a didactic way, thinking in futures
intercampus, where university students sweat blood in order to get some