Wetlands are areas Forests are found in Deserts are areas with

Forests are found in
areas of high
elevation and high
precipitation. Forests
have lots of trees and
shrubs, and they
provide food and
shelter to many insects and
animals. Utah’s forests have many
different types of trees including
deciduous tress like aspen and
scrub oak and coniferous tress like
pine and juniper. Most of the
forests in Utah are found in the
Forested areas shown in green
Maps created from EPA ecoregions
Deserts are areas with
little precipitation and
harsh living
conditions for plants
and animals. Plants
and animals that live
in the desert are very
good at finding and conserving
water. Deserts can be hot or cold.
Both hot and cold deserts are very
hot during the day and cooler at
night. During the winter months,
cold deserts often receive snow.
Most of Utah is considered a cold
Desert areas shown in orange
Wetlands are areas
of land that have
water, wet soils, and
plants adapted to
live in water. Many
animals, including
migrating birds,
depend on wetlands for food,
shelter, and a place to raise their
young. Large wetlands are found
around the Great Salt Lake. Smaller
wetlands can be found scattered
throughout the forests and deserts
of Utah.
Major wetlands shown in blue