Use this to help write your argumentative paragraph.

Use this to help write your argumentative paragraph.
CCSS W.7.1- Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.
Anger is an emotion that we all have inside of us. Some people believe that anger is controllable, and there are
ways to manage it. Others, however, believe that some people are filled with such anger, that it is completely
uncontrollable. Can anger be controlled? You must choose one side.
To research your claim and find evidence, go to my webpage, click on links, click on “What About Anger?
Learnist Board”.
Steps to Argumentative Writing:
Start a new Google Doc and name it "Anger Argumentative Paragraph".
1 - Choose a side.
2 - Research evidence to back up your side.
3 - Research evidence to show counterarguments.
4 - Do not include any personal opinions.
Banned words include:
I, me, us, we, you, I think, I believe, I feel, probably, maybe, personally, myself
Anger Argumentative Paragraph Example
Anger is an emotion within all people that can be controlled. According to a article, How Can I Deal With My Anger?,it states, "Self-control is all about
thinking before you act. It puts some precious seconds or minutes between feeling a strong
emotion and taking an action you'll regret." Others believe that anger management is not
possible, and that it cannot be suppressed, redirected, or controlled. The article, Highly
Effective Anger Management for Teens explains that teen anger is a very real problem in our
society. It states, "Anger is a defense mechanism. Anger can be addictive, especially when it
gives you a 'rush' of power- and it can make everyone afraid of you-further making you think
that you are powerful because of anger." Getting a "rush" from the feeling of anger does not
justify exhibiting dangerous, and angry behavior. Anger is an emotion that all are faced with. It
isn't wrong, or bad, but most importantly, it can be controlled.
Take notes below:
The side I am taking is ____________________________________________________
The evidence I found to back up my claim states __________________________________
The evidence I found to show the counterargument states ____________________________
Warm- Up:
Please open your TSB google doc, type today's date,
and answer the questions below
1. Can anger be controlled?
2. What are the elements of an argumentative essay?
3. How do you incorporate research into your writing?