SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT - 1 semester, grades 9-11

GEOGRAPHY - 1 semester, grades 9-11
Geography is a general subject that deals with the study of the locations, regions, and political,
economic, social and physical relationships of nations.
WORLD HISTORY - 2 semesters, grades 9 –12 (grade 9 by achievement and teacher recommendation)
World History traces the development of people and societies through time and includes World
Geography. This course is the study of the world’s major cultures and societies. It is the study of their
religions, wars, art and literature, leaders, and common people. It includes the study of Classical Greece and
Rome, the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, the Renaissance, African Tribal Societies, the Reformation
and the French Revolution. World History is recommended to college-bound students.
AMERICAN HISTORY 1 – 1 semester, grades 10-12 (required for graduation)
This course covers American history to 1800. It also includes the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions.
Sophomores take this course during their second semester.
AMERICAN HISTORY 2 – 1 semester, grades 11-12 (required for graduation)
American History II covers American history from 1800 to 1920 and will include westward expansion,
the Civil War, Age of Industry and World War I.
AMERICAN HISTORY 3 – 1 semester, grades 11-12 (required for graduation)
American history from 1920 to the present will be covered in this course. Areas covered will be the
Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, the New Deal, World War II, the Cold War era, the civil rights
movement, Vietnam, President Nixon and the Gulf War.
SOCIOLOGY - 1 semester, grades 11-12
Sociology studies human interaction and its impact on personality and life. Sociology deals with the
investigation and analysis of human relationships and their causes and consequences. Its purpose is to help
people better understand themselves and their relationships with others. Sociology is recommended to collegebound students. It is required of students planning on a medical career and should be taken by those students
interested in careers involving working with people.
AMERICAN PROBLEMS – 1 semester, grades 11-12
American Problems is a study of the United States and its relationship with foreign countries. This
current event course includes a study of foreign policy that has influenced and continues to influence decisionmaking in this country. Student will use the Internet; cooperation and independence are required. This course
is recommended for college-bound students.
GOVERNMENT – 2 semesters, grade 12
Prerequisite – Teacher recommendation
This is a two-semester course that provides seniors with an understanding of our political system on the
national, state and local level. Students will focus on their obligations to the government and everyday ways in
which citizens and government interacts.