Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health

Faculty of Medicine,
Dentistry and Health
Minutes: Meeting 50
Date held: Wednesday 13th Oct 2010
Chair: Dr Emma Bird
Emily Goodall -Neuroscience
Dan Hampshire- Cardiovascular
Clare Druce – Infection and Immunity
Cher Cartwright – Human Metabolism
Kay Guccione – Post Doc Developmental Officer
Kate Vaughan – Infection and Immunity
Emma Bird
Heather Mortiboys
Laura Ferraiuolo
M Trikic
Q Wang
Claudia Paiva
Amanda Burnett
Scott Allen
1. Apologies for absence
Julie Preston
2. Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed and signed.
3. Actions agreed from previous meeting
4. AGM
Tim Skerry meeting regarding BRIDGING FUND
Comments: We have £1000
Can we afford to realistically bridge contracts?
As we have an unsupported source of money it may not be advantageous to bridge
Suggestions to spend money on that are more realistic:
Funding visits to stay/work at other labs to learn new techniques, set up collaborations, broaden
links/networks and bring knowledge back to Sheffield. This is not unreasonable and within our budget.
Things to consider: Full coverage or contribution based?
Clare Stokes Secretary, Post Doctoral Society
[email protected]
How many will we fund per year?
How will we select applications?
Application process: Tim offered to help set up an application process. We are to discuss and get
back to him at a later date. Set up smart objectives ie what, why, who. Applicants need to justify their
need for contribution. Application no longer than two sides. Specificity of objectives key!
Who decides: Set up team of 6-8 representatives from committee – they will be excluded from
applying. Group rotation?
Criteria for applicants: Do they need to be members of post doc committee for 6mths? Who can apply?
Can we get math funding? Tim thinks unlikely. Maybe contact Paul Helliwell. Maybe target for
match funding once fund established, and we can show examples of success. Should we encourage
applicants to try to source other funding providers initially, and provide evidence of this?
If travel is equipment related, we could try to approach companies for sponsorship etc.
Do we fund within UK only, given that we have approx £1000. Do we have a limit?
If we publicise on website, this may encourage outside contributions.
ACTION: Heather to send email to society asking for volunteers with the view to meeting before
next MDHPS meeting.
We pay £135 per coffee morning for the hire of the room and coffee. We approx. spend £30-70 on
coffee. Reps are charged £250 and are now charged VAT on top (20% from Jan).
ACTION: Laura to set up meeting with Kevin to try and negotiate fee.
Poor attendance, 20-30, mainly committee members.
INCREASE COMMUNICATION: Travel scheme may help. Change AGM to October? Invite new
Subscription cancellation a concern for post docs.
ACTION: Email academics to compile list of private subscriptions. See if we can address access
for post docs via this list.
At AGM, survey was carried out to assess best availability for post docs. Alternative meeting times
Mon/Tues pm.
ACTION: Decided to try tues 2pm. Kay to change room bookings to and email committee.
Cher to update website.
Kay/Scott to authorise Clare to update email distribution list. Clare to email Kay/Cher updated
list once done.
Krebs room provisionally booked for 25th NOV. Scott has arranged a quiz. Work with MBB to do
joint event.
ACTION: MBB has deal with Kelham Island brewery. See if we can purchase via them.
Comments: No VAT for tickets now. Increase ticket price to £5.
ACTION: Work with PhD society to combine event. Claudia PhD representative. Add to email
USPACE: Julie has created Uspace site. All minutes put on.
ACTION: Kate and Clare do create facebook site
ACTION: Clare to change Logo
Website post doc site location changed to faculty.
ACTION: Scott to email doodle for times and suggestions
5. AOB
ECG: Roberts money runs out June’11. Need to communicate the impact it has had on career
development/post doc lives.
Impact study to follow on from baseline study (now published).
ACTION: Spread importance of work. Needs to be sent by Nov.
Mentoring: Push/encourage. ACTION: Send people Kay’s way. Mop up training meeting to
12. Date of Next Meeting