Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health

Faculty of Medicine,
Dentistry and Health
Minutes: Meeting 88
Date held: Tuesday 3rd December 2013
Chair: Claire Garwood
Claire Garwood
Claire Bradshaw
Dave Drew
Melaine Rimmer
Niki Panagiotaki
Vera Lukashchuk
Sarah Hawtree
Maya Boudiffa
Julia Hough
1. Apologies for absence
Vanessa Singleton, Stefan Peter, Lucy Lee, Daniel Kelly, Dan Hampshire, Joey Shepherd, Vincenzo
Leo, Alexandra Zosimidou and Joey Chowdry
2. Welcome and Introduction any new members
3. Minutes from previous meeting
The minutes from November’s meeting were signed off by Claire Garwood.
4. Actions from previous meeting
Actions from previous meeting completed.
Action: Claire Garwood to put Vincenzo photo in dropbox
5. Agenda items
(A) Newsletter
Maya provided a draft version of the newsletter. First page of the newsletter will be sent as an
email, link within the email will provide access to the remaining newsletter. A link will also be
included on the MDHRSA webpage. Other departments will receive the newsletter.
Action: Maya to put the news letter in dropbox.
Action: Committee members to proof read newsletter and provide feedback on the context. Any
suggestions/comments sent to Maya.
Claire Bradshaw, Secretary, MDHRSA
Action: Claire Bradshaw to compose a list of successful CDF applicants for 2013. List to include
name of applicant, department, amount funded and brief description of the placement/course.
(B) Vitae Conference
The Vitae conference explored the traditional academic career path and the different options
open to research staff. Talks were given by people who have successfully adapted to roles
outside of academia.
The take home message was that career paths are changing. It is important to be adaptable to
changes in your environment and to network and collaborate with others.
The UK Research Staff Association also provided an update. The UKRSA are creating a Regional
Action: Maya to give Claire Garwood the details of the person who is the UKRSA regional
representative for the University of Sheffield.
(C) HEA Workshop
The committee agreed that MDHRSA will half fund all of the 20 applicants for the HEA workshop.
Total costs of £1000.
(D) Vice President
Congratulations to Niki who has volunteered to be our vice president.
(E) Collaborative Conference
Claire Garwood discussed the Collaborative Conference at the ECG meeting. Tooke report
highlighted that there is a lack of collaboration between the Medical and Life Science Facilities.
This collaborative conference fills this gap.
ECG and MBB are keen to get involved, however Biomedical Science and Animal Plant Science
haven’t responded. Event will be catered for 150 people. Sponsorship may be required.
Claire Garwood is looking at organising the event for Wednesday 2nd May 2014.
The draft proposal for the collaborative conference;
 Morning: Key Facilities to give talk on their techniques. An ECR will also explain how they
have applied the technique and how it has facilitated their research.
 Lunch: Poster stands from RSA, companies and Core Facilities.
 After: Number of different session going on simultaneously, for example speed
networking. Event to close with drinks and networking
Attendees of the conference will receive an information pack. Pack will include a list of all the
facilities and Core Facility contact list.
Action: Claire Garwood to contact Lucy about a suitable venue.
Action: Committee members to think about companies we can invite. We want companies who
have new technologies that they are trying to push.
David will mention to conference to companies who are involved with the Coffee Mornings.
(F) Neuroscience Departmental Champion
Leave this till next year.
(G) ECG Meeting
ECG meeting discussed trying to get the SRDS changed for Researchers. Human Resources are
open to idea. MBB have already changed their SRDS form.
Action: Claire Garwood to put the draft version of the MBB SRDS form in dropbox.
Action: All committee members to provide feedback on MBB SRDS form.
(H) International Food Event
International food event to take place on Wednesday 15th of January 2014 at 1pm in Heritage
Room, Medical School. Tickets will be priced at £2. Anyone bringing food will be refunded on
the door. For the convenience, this will be cold buffet lunch only. The MDHRSA will provide
Action: Food Event to be advertised and tickets sold.
(I)Permanent Contracts
To discuss in January’s meeting.
(J) Successful Applicants
To discuss in January’s meeting.
(K) Joey
Joey Shepherd is leaving the Sheffield University in February 2014.
6. AOB
Monthly Committee Meeting: 7th January 2014, 2-3pm, Faculty Board Room, Barber