5P’s of Meetings MGMT 3080 11 Key Points

MGMT 3080
5P’s of Meetings
Key Points
what is the desired result?
four possible reasons to meet:
1. address issue/info sharing
2. build commitment
3. training
4. make decisions
do you have the right people
need the people who can help:
1. understand/provide resources
2. solve/process the information
3. decide
4. communicate/act
agenda ... agenda … agenda
add times
expected level of involvement/commitment
Responsible – group is responsible for the topic
Approve – works has happened outside the meeting, group needs to approve
Consult – group being asked for input, no resolution or consensus required
Inform – one way communication (two-minute items)
less time required as you move from R to I
active broad involvement .. otherwise why meet
how will you decide on topics? majority rules? consensus?
asks the question “how did we do?”
add to the agenda
add your own notes/details below – go beyond simple recall KNOWLEDGE.
ask yourself do you COMPREHEND the theory above? can you APPLY the theory in another situation.
can you break the theory down (ANALYSIS) or even combine it with other theories (SYNTHESIS).