Assignment 2 (due 23 January)

Assignment 2 (due 23 January)
Your second assignment is to make a list of unfamiliar concepts and terms based
on your reading of the Pine article. You should also choose five concepts in your
list which you think are central to your understanding of the text, and you should
find definitions of these concepts from serious sources such as an encyclopaedia
of social sciences or dictionary of social and cultural anthropology. Please
indicate the source where you found the definitions.
The due date for the assignment is 23 January at the start of the class.
Please do not feel that you have to keep your overall list short if you notice that
there are a large number of unfamiliar terms and concepts. One aim of this
assignment is to help me to get a feeling for your individual backgrounds. I am
not going to judge you on the basis of your previous knowledge; this assignment
will enable me to provide the class with the necessary basic knowledge (since I
do not yet know who knows what) and then structure the course accordingly.