Comments On Theories

Comments On Theories
• “The theory is that …”
– Ya, really, complete that sentence.
• Do not recycle your supervisors NSERC grant
• Have a theory about a mechanism of
cognition – how a cognitive system works in
the brain
• Think about the many mechanisms we’ve discussed so
far as examples
• Carefully consider the difference between a
question, a theory and a prediction
• E.g.
– “My theory is that sleep inertia can be attenuated
by the proper application of breakfast”
– “My theory is that sleep inertia is due to
• An example of a good theory
– My theory is that yawns are contagious due to the
activity of mirror neurons
• An example of a good theory that is TOO BIG
– “My theory is that all sensory modalities have, to
varying degrees and priorities, separate attention