Discourse, common sense and ideology

Discourse, common sense and
It is important to emphasize that I am not
suggesting that power is just a matter of
language… Power exists in various
modalities, including the concrete and the
unmistakable modality of physical force
(Fairclough 2001: 3)
Power is exercised and enacted in
Types of constraints in discourse
• Contents:what can be part
• Relations: who can participate
• Subjects: who can acquire a type
What is common sense?
Understanding parts of the text
• What is your name?
• Tapaiko nam ke ho?
• Your name what is?
“The contribution of the
multinational force is essential to
help secure necessary conditions
for voting and to support our
security forces in stabilizing the
country” (Globe and Mail
November 24, 04).
• What are the common assumptions
in this piece?
• How do we find coherence in the story?
How are words related to
Describe an institutional or
social situation in which you
were expected to speak and
behave in a particular way.
How is the situation a product
of social conditions? How is the
situation a product or a
producer of cultural capital?