1. Finish video: Chronique Urbaine (Urban Chronicle) Exam Review: content

1. Finish video: Chronique
Urbaine (Urban Chronicle)
2. Exam
Review: content
and form of exam
Chronique Urbaine (Urban
• By Yanick Letourneau (2003)
• Hip hop artist (Urban Franco Hip Hop)
• Artist: Kamenga Mbikay (Pressureless)
Themes to consider
Race and language
Popular culture and language
Class and language
Language and power
Discussion Questions (Video)
• 1. Can
Urban Franco Hip Hop
music be considered part of a
linguistic community in Montreal?
How is this type of music, in the
context of Montreal, articulated in
terms of race, ethnicity or age?
2. Do you think Hip Hop music
can be considered a marker of
personal or/and group identity?
How? Why?
Exam Review
1.content overview
2. Form and content of exam
Content Overview
• Types of meanings transmitted through language:
situational, cultural and social
• Characteristics: productivity and displacement
• Formal Properties of Language: sounds, vocabulary
and grammar: a) Grammar: morphology and syntax
1. Morphological analysis: morphemes (stems and
2. Nonverbal Communication: a. kinesics and
B. Extended and Transferred Meaning
1. metaphor and metonymy
Content Overview (2nd)
1. Language and cultural meaning: a) Cultural models
2. Foundation of Linguistic anthropology
• Ethnography of communication(Dell Hymes)
1. Aspects of Communicative Interaction. a) setting,
particip, topics, goals: 1. Formal and informal .
2. Ethnographic theory of language: Mlinowski
(participant observation)
Content and Form of Exam One
• Content
• Will cover:
Bonvillain Chap: 2, 4 and pages 61 to 75
Martin and Nakayama: 4, 5, 6, 7
Videos: Talking Canadian and Urban Chronicle
• Form
1. 5 multiple choice questions (5 marks)
• 2. 4 definitions (4 marks)
• 3. 3 short answers (with examples) (6 marks)
• 4. 1 essay type question out of two (5 marks)