Home cooking The Meal Deal

The Meal Deal
Home cooking
• Sort the foods that follow into two
groups - foods we normally eat
without cooking and those that we
normally cook first.
• Some foods may appear in both
• Rice is eaten by more humans than
any other food.
• 20% of all human energy comes
from rice.
• Where does rice come from?
• Would you eat raw rice grains?
Why? Why not?
• What do we do to make rice
nicer to eat?
• Add a drop of
iodine solution to
a food. If it
contains starch
the food turns a
blue-black colour.
• Boil the dissolved food with 1ml of
Benedict’s solution in a water bath
for 5 minutes. The colour tells you
how much sugar is present.
• How does cooking affect the food
chemicals in rice?
• How can you make sure your results:
- are reliable?
- can be shared with other