Please prepare a one-page report to address the following issues:
1. Briefly describe your background, including things such as which state or country
you were from, your academic major and focus area, your career goals.
2. Describe the reasons you selected this course, and your expectations from the course.
3. Do you know anyone close to you who is working as a traffic engineer? If YES, what
is the name of the firm or the organization? If NOT, list some of the local
transportation/traffic engineering firms or organizations that you are aware of.
4. Recall your experience of making a left turn at a signalized intersection, how many
different situations can you think of (think from the point of view of travel lane
arrangement and the type of signal display)? Provide your opinions on why engineers
have designed the intersection in that way.
Please turn in your typed report at the beginning of next class on Thursday, January 20th.