08th October 2010
Chapel of the Resurrection
Valpraiso University, Indiana 46383
United States of America
1. Today’s scripture passage is being read from Jeremiah 29: 10-12
2. The Word of the Lord, Thanks be to God
3. Thank God almighty for this memorable opportunity in my life to share His
goodness in my life.
4. The theme for this week is “Noticing what brings us joy, what we’re good
at, what others need us to do”
5. I was a shy, never outgoing individual during school.
6. Started playing guitar for Sunday school and slowly did Behind the Scenes
work for the SS
7. God started using me to reach out to the children through stories and music.
I enjoyed it and realized that I am good at it…
8. But, while I grew up intellectually with studies and became a graduate, I
thought dealing with children was not the right fit for me
9. I deliberately avoided going to SS and remained un noticed
10.But, The One who has called me is more powerful than I am…the more I
avoided, the many opportunities He threw open before me in several other
11.He said, it is I who chose you to serve me and you did not choose (John
12.As I got my post-graduation, I landed in a situation where I was recruited on
Campus but couldn’t join work due to the WTC crash in the year 2001.
13.4 months of joblessness was a terrible pain for me though I had all the love
from my family. I wept and asked the Lord what is that you want me to do?
14.God replied, I don’t want your abilities, I just need you…your availability.
15.I sat and wrote down all that God has given me as talents training and told
Him 3 things
16.Lord I want to
a. Be a source of employment for the thousands who are jobless
b. Be able to work with the young people who are the future of the
c. Be able to share the gospel, your love and sacrifice wherever I am.
17.God has been faithful according to Jeremiah 29:11
18.He has blessed with a Job where I serve as a Career Counselor to many
19.Teach and Train the teens and youth at a Christian University and of course
20.Get plenty of opportunities to share the love and sacrifice of my Lord
through various programs on and off campus
21.Today, I stand boldly before you, as a testimony for His faithfulness in my
life as He has honored me in ways beyond imagination
22.Dearly beloved, who are listening to me. The Lord says, the same to you
today. I have plans to prosper you and give you a hope and a future.
23.Do not cloud yourself with doubts and questions about your future.
24.Instead of keeping an eye on the future, Keep your eyes on the one who
holds your future
25.Learn to wait on Him and receive his strength at the right time to raise up as