Job Title Faculty/Central School/Section Service

Job Title
Assistant Invigilator
Student Progress
Effective Date
Exams & Awards
Main Purpose of the Job
To supervise candidates to ensure compliance with the University regulations
and procedures .
To assist the Senior Invigilator with the administration of exam papers and
Main Duties and Responsibilities
To assist with the dissemination of exam materials and layout of the exam room
in liaison with the Senior Invigilator.
To be responsible for monitoring candidates as instructed by the Senior
Invigilator to ensure the entire venue is supervised at all times.
Observe candidates and check the desks of candidates occupying the area(s) of
the exam room assigned to you by the Senior Invigilator.
To assist with procedures to confirm student ID and attendance.
To report any disturbance or irregularity as defined by the Guidelines to
Invigilators to the Senior Invigilator.
To assist with the administration of completed scripts and stationery and their
transportation back to the Exams Office.