Grants Agenda

Grants Agenda
Overview of Process:
In order to generate a grants agenda to inform grant development at the college and
district, the Dean of College Planning and Research reviewed the Program Reviews and
Unit Plans that had been submitted to the College Planning Committee. This review led
to the preliminary identification of strategic directions related to grant development and a
list of key initiatives that might be included in grant proposals. This draft document was
reviewed by Administrators at a Management meeting and edited as needed.
Strategic Directions Related to Grants
Background and Context of the College
Student Diversity
 API serving institution
 English Language Learners
 First Generation College Students
 Title III
 Digital divide
 Disproportionate success rates
 Low income students
 Generation 1.5 students
 Millennial students
 Career development
 Access
 Equity
 Linguistic pluralism
Strategy Areas
1. Pluralism/global education
 Student success
 Cultural competence
 Focus groups
 Student engagement
2. Technology
 Conversion to digital media/equipment
 Voc ed/CTE (SB 70)
 Workforce preparation (currency)
 Curriculum development
3. Distance Education
 Infrastructure
 Delivery system
 Pedagogy
 Quality
 Student support service development
 Program development to meet/reflect WASC standards
4. New Program Development
 Allied health
 Health and wellness
 Ag/equine
 Teacher prep
 Build/design/green technology
 Culinary arts
 Pipeline to 4 year schools
 Intersegmental coordination
 Teacher prep
 Articulation with K-12
6. Professional development
 CASSL development/institutionalization
 Scholarship of teaching and learning
 Supporting the implementation and ongoing development of the assessment of
Grants Agenda 2007-2010
Support Needs
Facility and Program Upgrade for
Accounting Lab Upgrade
Computer lab
Wireless Connectivity on Campus
(also came forward in LRCT and
 Create a model classroom to support CDC
program and licensing requirements. ($25,000)
 10 workstations for Accounting Lab
(ThomsonNOW, homework, spreadsheets,
papers); tablet PC’s for Instructors, new
software ($44,000)
Strategic Interests
 Enhanced instruction and equipment to meet
state and licensing requirements
 Upgrades to enhance instruction and expand
access (updating software, expanding
capabilities to provide real world examples)
 Need funding to upgrade/replace computers
every three years – need to expand memory of
other labs. Need Adobe Flash software and
VPN technology
 Needed to keep the program current and up
to date
 $25,000 for radios and license upgrades (not
sure if that meets the need)
 To enhance access and instruction
Welding equipment upgrade
 Purchase GTAW/GMAW/FCAW machines
Vet Tech equipment and facilities
 Purchase digital radiography, ultrasound,
dental equipment, anesthesia monitoring
Mobile computer lab (also came
forward in SME)
 30 student mobile computer lab ($50,000)
 New and updated equipment is needed to
reflect current industry best practices.
Current equipment does not support
educational and employment needs.
 New and updated equipment is needed to
reflect current industry best practices.
Current equipment does not support
educational and employment needs.
 Current equipment does not support the
enhanced need to integrate technology into
the AMT program. Current facility does not
support existing need.
Wireless connectivity on campus
(also came forward in BFS and
 $25,000 for radios and license upgrades
Horticulture upgrade
 Soil mixer, soil blending system, pesticide
applicator, cart, tractor, mini skid steer
($45,000) plus other facility upgrades (cost
 Current equipment does not support the
enhanced need to integrate technology into
the AMT program. Current facility does not
support existing need.
 New and updated equipment and facilities
are needed to reflect current industry best
practices. Current equipment does not
support educational and employment needs.
 Dollars to pay for translators of key
matriculation and counseling materials
 To strengthen the effectiveness of the
assessment and matriculation processes
 Secure funding to create a facility
 CRC currently has no place to show student
art and/or to create and show exhibitions of
art that could strengthen instruction and
serve the community.
 To enhance program effectiveness and
 To enhance program effectiveness and
 To enhance program effectiveness and
 Translation project
 Art Gallery
Art/Ceramics equipment and
facilities upgrade
Theatre upgrade to seating, drapes
and lights
RTVF upgrade
Digital upgrade for
ESL/FL computer lab and software
 Replace aging and outdated equipment, e.g.
Raku kiln, plate maker for printmaking, etc.
 New seating, drapes and lights
 Drapes, monitors, lighting instruments,
portable cameras, Instant Replay machine.
Updated Software with improved ADA
 Software updates
 Add 35 seats (computers, furniture, software,
etc.) to ESL lab and add 35 computers to the
FL lab
 To enhance program effectiveness and
 To increase access
 Network upgrade (switches, UPS,
power generator)
 Softball/baseball field upgrade
SME (first two items are tied)
 Chemistry equipment upgrade and
Biology lab equipment upgrade
Mobile computer lab (also came
forward in C&T)
 $215,000 for new switches, UPS and power
 To enhance the infrastructure that supports
the growing number of services and
programs and institutional practices that
utilize the computer networks on campus.
 Scoreboard, batting cages, fencing, bleachers,
 To enhance safety, provide necessary
storage, to enhance quality of program
 Chemistry instruments include: a high
resolution capillary gas chromatograph (GC),
ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer (UVVis); a Fourier Transform Infrared
Spectrometer (FTIR), a coupled gaschromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS)
 biochemistry lab equipment including
electrophoresis chambers & power supplies,
PCR equipment, UV transilluminator &
photodocumentation system, centrifuges, carts,
pipetters, automatic chemical dispensing
equipment, incubators, controlled temperature
water baths, vortexer, orbital shaker,
supporting items; botany & zoology
microscope slides and specimens, light meters,
pH meters, spectrophotometers, temperature
probes, display and storage boxes; A&P
models and charts, cadaver, microscopes, lab
computer carts, lab carts; microbiology media
production equipment, balances, hotplatestirrers, incubators, refrigerators, freezer for
specimens, etc.
 30 student mobile computer lab ($50,000)
 Program currency and quality, enhanced
 Program currency and quality, enhanced
 Enhanced student success and support of
alternate teaching modalities in mathematics
Potential areas of collaboration with specific industry groups, employers, K-12 or 4 year institutions?
The Cosumnes Community Services District is interested in establishing a local paramedic and fire academy program in partnership with the
New curricular or delivery directions?
Business and Family Science
Expand DE and online offerings
Obtain NAEYC accreditation for the ECE program
Develop a model ECE classroom
Careers and Technology
Pharmacy Tech program
Green Building certificate
Agritourism, equine management/science
Enhance the Viticulture program
course development in construction (with specific focuses)
develop new courses in welding to meet industry need.
Communications, Visual and Performing Arts
Graphic Design Certificate
Art History Program development
Film production and Digital cinema program development
Game design certificate and degree
Development of information competency course
PE and Athletics
Development of athletic training certificate
Development of personal trainer certificate
Development of massage therapy certificate and program
Humanities and Social Science
Expand offerings in Asian/Asian American history and political science
Vocational Spanish courses
Science, Math and Engineering
Enhanced utilization of computer assisted instruction in mathematics
Enhanced access to individualized instruction in mathematics
Is the college interested in being the center for something or for a particular discipline?
We have already designated our Architecture and construction programs as programs of distinction. Enhanced support to strengthen these
programs is an option as there will be enhanced opportunities afforded to these programs when the Winn Center is completed.
Other needs
Obtain support to continue offering the philosophy conference and/or other academic events on campus.