HELD ON 16th DECEMBER , 2008
Meeting commenced: 3.00 p.m..
ended: 3.10 p.m.
PRESENT: Councillor Derek Antrobus - in the Chair
Dave Evans and Steven Lee
Item No./Subject
Action Required
Responsible Officer
1.Action Sheet Arising from the
Planning Lead Member Briefing
held on 2nd December , 2008 .
2. Lead Member Decisions
( Key Decisions :Part 1)
Action sheet approved.
(a)A666 Bolton Road/Station
Road - Additional Works
The Lead Member for Planning approved the Target Cost of £155,698
from Birse Civils Limited to carry out improvement works (including
the resurfacing of the carriageway and footways to a length of Station
Road and a variation to the works previously approved by the Lead
Member to the A666 Bolton Road/Station Road Junction
Improvement scheme) to the junction of A666 Bolton Road and Station
Road in Pendlebury,
(b) Greengate Public Realm
Scheme - Funding Agreement,
Collaboration Agreement
and Design Team Deeds of
The Lead Member for Planning authorised the Head of Legal Services Nik Puttnam /
to enter into (a) the Funding Agreement with English Partnerships, (b) David Evans
a Collaboration Agreement with ASK Developments and (c) Deeds of
Appointment with the Design Team, Project Managers and Cost
Consultants for the Greengate public realm scheme.
Stephen Hands
/Neil Ashmall
3 Other Decisions : Part One
(a) Item of Additional Business :
Salford City Council (Swinton
Town Centre Community Parking
Scheme Experimental Prohibition
of Waiting, Introduction of Permit
Holder Parking, Introduction of
Disabled Parking Only,
Introduction of a One-Way Traffic
System and Amendment Order)
It was reported that the Head of Legal Services has advised that it
would not be possible to extend this Order as requested by the
Planning and Transportation Regulatory Panel at their meeting on 24th
July , 2008. So as to ensure that the requirements of the Panel were
fulfilled the Lead Member for Planning authorised the Director of
Engineering to advertise the making of new Orders under the
provisions of Paragraph 8 (a) (i) of the Engineering Services Section
of Part H of the Scheme of Delegation of the Council
4. Exclusion of the Public
RESOLVED THAT, under section 100A(4) of the Local Government
Act 1972, the public be excluded from the meeting for the following
items of business on the ground that they involve the likely disclosure
of exempt information as specified in the paragraphs Paragraph 3
(“ Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any
particular person (including the Authority holding that information)” of
Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Act.
Steven Lee
5. Key Decisions ( Part 2)
Plot 16 - Manchester / Salford
Inner Relief Route CPO
2000 – Guardian Media
Group (Manchester Evening
The Lead Member for Planning (a)approved the payment of
compensation to the Guardian Media Group in the sum of £200,000
plus statutory interest, estimated to be £50,000.00 as at November
2008, plus surveyors fees of £8,500.00 plus VAT and reasonable legal
costs in full and final settlement of all claims against the Council and (b)
authorised the Strategic Director of Customer and Support Services to
complete the legal formalities associated with the payment of the
compensation and statutory interest.
Phil Holden
6. Other Decisions : Part Two
Disposal of White Moss House,
Bracken Avenue, Walkden
The Lead Member for Planning (a) declined all offers made for White
Moss House and (b) agreed to invite both interested parties to submit
a new tender for the property by an agreed submission date
Joe Costello