Steps to Excellence Delivery Plan

Delivery Plan
Steps to Excellence
Our Vision
• 'More than just a place to live'
Working with people in Salford to become an excellent
organisation that provides quality homes and services
and helps to make neighbourhoods in central Salford
popular places to live and work.
Our Values
• ‘As an organisation we will place our customers at
the centre of everything we do’.
• We will also:
– Be well managed and financially sound.
– Have well-trained, creative, empowered and valued staff that
are encouraged to make a real difference to our customers’
– Be inclusive and recognise and value diversity.
– Work in partnership with our customers and communities and
with other organisations to deliver noticeable improvements.
– Embrace new technologies to improve services and achieve
more effective ways of working.
Our Aims
• Working with our partners to improve the choice of homes and
tenures and to improve the environment around our customers’
• Promoting respect and making neighbourhoods safe
• Helping to reduce inequalities in Central Salford
• Ensuring that the homes we manage meet the Decent Homes
standard within agreed timescales
• Providing continuously improving services that meet the needs of
all our customers and achieve value for money
• Becoming a 3 star, Arm’s Length Management Organisation
(ALMO) in the top 25% for all key national performance indicators
Our Objectives
• Develop and Implement the Salix Way and establish
the Salix Homes brand
• Embed equality and diversity standards in all the ways
we work and work towards reducing inequality in
Central Salford
• Deliver Value for Money and improve efficiencies
• Maximise customer involvement and engagement in
service development and performance management
• Improve performance and commence Steps to
• Deliver decent communities
What is the Prize?
• To Gain 3*s
• Ensure £116M of investment in Salford
City Council Homes
Improve Services – Steps to Excellence
Listen to Customers
Be Responsive
Understand our Customer Base
Deliver Effective Investment
Improve Communication
The Salix Way
We will…
• Listen to our customers and respect what they are saying
• Take ownership of the individual needs and requests of our
customers with actions that seek to get it right first time
• Deal with our customers quickly and keep them informed at all
• Negotiate and communicate with others on behalf of our
• Support each other and be willing to try new things
• Learn from each other, our customers and from other
• Become a champion for our neighbourhoods, customers and
their communities
Salford City Council
Improve Performance – Top Quartile
Support in developing the Housing Strategy
Decent Communities
Support the LAA
Deliver Regeneration
Support on delivering Pendleton PFI
Deliver Value for Money
• Housing Connections Partnership
– Contractual Services – CBL/Sheltered Housing/ASB
• Assist in developing services
• Assist in delivering Value for Money
– Collaborative Services – Homelessness/Disabled
Services/Supported & Furnished Housing
• Assist in developing services
• Jackson Lloyd
• Major Works Contractors
• Regeneration Partners – NDC/URC/MSP
Staff Development
236 Staff
Embed the Salix Way
Developing skills and capabilities
Rewards and Recognition
Develop a pay and workforce Strategy
Improve Communication
Management Arrangements
• Management Agreement
• Delivery Plan
• Monthly Monitoring Meetings
– Performance
– Finance
• Weekly Housing Partnership Meetings
• Monthly meetings Chief Executive & Head
of Housing
• Attendance at Scrutiny Committee
• Customers at the Heart of everything we do
• Work with
– Salford City Council
– Housing Connections Partnership
– Other Partners and Contractors
– Staff
• To Achieve our Goal
– 3 *s and £116M Investment