Grebdlog Ebur By: Blake Carr Josh Elliott

Grebdlog Ebur
Blake Carr
Josh Elliott
John Moczygemba
Tyler Bone
Design Overview
Ball falls through a series of ramps and
drums, setting off a seesaw triggering a
golf ball
 Golf ball activates another seesaw,
releasing a tennis ball which activates one
last seesaw that causes a car to roll down
a ramp which sets off the banner
Energy Concepts
Conservation of translational energy
 Conservation of linear momentum
 Torque
 Center of Mass
Project Issues
Reliability of drums
 Mass of car
 Friction caused by banner mechanism
 Marble/Golf Ball landing in the right cups
We learned teamwork and working well
with other groups
 We found ways to use random assortment
of materials to create a very inefficient
 We learned that duck tape is the most
useful substance ever
 We really hope this works!