Big Blue Miles Hall Aaren Rice Jeff Depriest

Big Blue
Miles Hall
Aaren Rice
Jeff Depriest
Chad Owen
The Crew
The Setup
• Our stamper is made mostly of wood, coat
hangers, duct tape, golf balls, fishing wieghts,
a mouse trap, and a stamp.
• Our wood was just scrap wood found around
the house.
• We bound everything together using gorilla
glue and nails.
• We spent a little money on a stamp and duct
• Our project starts by pushing a golf ball,
which collides with two more golfballs.
The final golf ball falls down a ramp.
The golf ball knocks a cup off of a seesaw.
• This drops a weight attached to the
other end of the see-saw. This sets off a
mouse trap which stamps the stamp.
Big Blue
Energy Transfers
Golf ball
-perfectly elastic collision
-Gravitational Potentail Energy to kinetic
Mouse Trap
-Spring potential energy to rotational
kinetic energy
We spent about 6 hours in constructing the
device, and about 4 hours planning it.
We had some problems with:
– Getting the wieght to fall on the mouse trap
– Aiming the golf ball to hit the cup.
Were gald we got to finish this class on a fun note.