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Decoupage: Decorated Soap
Description: This is a uniquely decorated bar of soap using pressed flowers which are
decoupage on the top surface. It creates a nice, inexpensive gift which can be used in
the home.
Goals: Decorated Soap is a project that enables the crafter an opportunity to learn the
process of pressing flowers and leaves as well as learning the art of decoupage.
1. Participant will learn the art of Decoupage which is gluing small pieces of flat objects on a surface
with numerous coats of decoupage glue on the top which forms a protective coating.
2. Participants will discover that pressed flowers become lightweight and translucent when pressed.
Bar of soap
Decoupage Glue: Commercial or refer to Glue Recipes for a homemade version
Pressed flowers and leaves (shown with Phlox and Carrot Tops)
Small paint brush
1. Using a paint brush, give the soap 4 or 5 coats of decoupage glue on the side to be decorated,
allowing each coat to dry before adding another. This seals the soap.
2. Apply another coat of decoupage glue and position the flowers and leaves on the soap. Be
sure there are no air bubbles under the flowers.
3. While it is still wet, paint another coat of sealer on top. Allow to dry.
4. Give another 3 coats of sealer allowing drying between coats.
5. The final coats of sealer will protect the flower while the soap is being used.
Alice K. Dolu, WVU Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development – Marshall County
July 16
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