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When I was an elementary
school student...
I wish I could be a teacher.
But until now………
I hope I can be a Civil in the future.
 Being a Civil is a
job that most of
people want to do
It’s a stable work.
Being a Civil also can enjoy many
welfare from the government.
 Allowance for our life.
 Allowance for the children’s tuition fee.
 We can have 140 days of holiday.
 Other welfare.
Most importantly,
Don’t be worry about…
Retire pay
What an appealing
and happy life!
Now I major Business Administration
in the Southern Tainan University.
I still go to the cram school to learn
other subjects five days per week.
This is a difficult gold.
So that I have to
study hard than
Recording those Civil who
had experience…
Their suggestion:
► Attention the news about current events.
Read the newspaper
Watch TV News
Surf the Internet
► Practice the questions which was examined.
How do I achieve my life
I study when I’m available whenever.
I also attention the news about ECFA
that is a popular issue now.
Thanks to listening!