VITERBO UNIVERSITY Post Tenure Self-Assessment Form

Post Tenure Self-Assessment Form
Name: ___________________________________
Date Completed:_________________
Present Rank: ______________________________
Highest Degree Earned: ___________
The intent of the post-tenure review process is to forward faculty growth in a formative
manner. As part of this process, please reflect on the following questions using the annual
reports you have submitted since your previous review.
1. Reflect on your professional development and innovation in the areas of teaching, scholarship,
and service.
2. What is your vision for future professional growth goals and opportunities?
3. What resources do you need to advance yourself professionally (referring to question two above)?
Others to consider:
How have you grown in your teaching, scholarship and service since your last review?
What have been the barriers to your professional growth and development?
What are your future goals regarding teaching, scholarship and service?