Project Goal Sheet/Records Worth County

Project Goal Sheet/Records
Please fill out one Goal Sheet for each project you do. Bring the completed form with you on Judging Day. After the fair, JUNIORS put this completed form along
with pictures of you working on your project, a picture of the completed project, and any newspaper clippings about this project in your 4-H Record Book.
INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR level 4-Hers need to also complete Project Goal Sheet page two found at
Project Area:
My Goal for this Exhibit:
Explain what you planned to do or learn here......
The steps I took to do or learn this: (steps, process, time table)
Explain to the judge what you did for this project here...
What I learned:
Explain the most important things you learned here...
Years in 4-H:
Class #:
Grade Completed:
Years in Project Area: